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In its broadest sense, news is defined as ‘Newsworthy news about current events or happenings, usually as reported in news media’. But what distinguishes news from news flash is the fact that news is generally a product of personal observation and reporting. However, what makes newsworthy is a subjective list of five criteria, detailed below.

Breaking News: If your local newspaper has just published a significant event or development, you should get hold of your local paper. Make sure to call ahead or make an inquiry with your local police and fire departments. This may result in a report on the same day. But the main thing is to get the news in writing; not a re-run of it in your paper.

The most common way for breaking news is by text or via Internet. You will find many news websites like CNN and MSNBC, which provide real-time updates on breaking news. Some websites even have the capability to provide a live link to the source and may also publish articles regarding the story as well.

The most recent development in newspapers is the internet. This technology allows readers to keep up with the latest news around the clock. A few years ago, most people went to their local newspaper’s offices just to get the latest information. Today, anyone with access to the Internet can find the latest updates right from the comfort of his own home.


The next criterion in determining whether a news flash is newsworthy is the context of the piece. Most news stories are related to a particular topic and are written in an objective manner. However, there are some news pieces that are based on speculation and opinion, which, by and large, are more subjective in nature. If a particular item is related to a political issue, then you should try to find out more about the political situation first before you make any decisions. And in the case of health care, it is best to seek professional medical advice.

The third criterion is whether the news flash is posted by an independent third party. Some news sites, like CNN or MSNBC, are owned by large corporate houses. This is another reason why it is important to research the news site first. They usually provide a disclaimer that states clearly that all the content is the opinion of the website and not an official statement of the news network.

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