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Lean, which also known as purple drink, is an illegal, stimulant drink, normally prepared from hard candy and prescription cough syrups. The drink originated in Houston, Texas and is highly popular in hip-hop cultures, or those that live in the south or those that live in the urban area. Many people do not think of it as a stimulant drink, but instead, call it the “chocolate drink”. This type of drink has been used in many forms throughout history and continues to be used today.

purple drank lean

Purple drank lean is usually prepared as hard candy and can be mixed with prescription cough syrups or other types of alcohol to make an alcoholic drink. A lot of the times, this mixture has a sweet taste that can really get you high, but it also has some caffeine in it. The sweet taste that people may notice about the drink is that the mix is very strong. Most people will not feel the need to drink two or more cups of it at one sitting. Many times people will take the drink after a meal or before bed.

There are a lot of different reasons why someone would drink purple drank. People may do this for many different reasons. One reason that people will do it is to try to get high, but others will use it as a mood enhancer. They will often have this drink during work or school breaks and they will drink a couple of glasses of it when they go out dancing.

If you are trying to get high by drinking purple drink, you may want to consider using a couple of different methods to get the hang of it. One of these methods is to start by drinking two or three shots of the hard candy, then try to drink another shot of the syrup. The idea is to have a good taste of both the syrup and the hard candy so you can get a good feeling before you begin to feel the effects of the alcohol. It is possible to actually feel the effects before you feel the effect of the syrup. This is called the mixed method. The mixed method is used more often with adults than teens because the mixed method is easier to do for adults.

You may find that many people drink lean just to get a nice buzz. It is much easier to go through the day when you have the high that you need. You may want to give lean a try, but you do not want to go with the mixed method, you may want to try something that has more caffeine in it, so you can feel the full effects of the alcohol. There are many different kinds of drinks that have more caffeine in them, but some people may prefer drinking lean because it is harder on the stomach.

You may not want to go through your day drinking purple drink all the time, but if you like it, you may want to have a drink or two and see what you get out of it. Some people do enjoy a drink a couple of times a week or even once a month for a treat. Even though it can be very addictive, you can still enjoy the drink. Do not drink it too much or it could have a negative impact on your life.

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