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The band hung two upside-down American flags from their amps during their April 1996 stint as musical guest. The move was meant to send a sign to the host, billionaire Steve Forbes who was then running for president, that they didn’t support his “flat tax,” consistent with guitarist Tom Morello. As a result of the stunt, NBC officials ordered the group to go away the building before they finished their performance.

Adrien Brody Does an Unapproved Impression

The actor, who hosted in May 2003, got banned after he introduced musical guest Sean Paul during a Jamaican accent. He also wore fake dreadlocks during the unsanctioned moment. Here You can Read Celebrity News On Thenewsfeeder.net.

Ashlee Simpson Lip-Syncs

The singer returned to the stage for her second performance during her October 2004 turn as musical guest. However, the vocals for her first song of the night played, indicating that she planned to lip-sync. Simpson danced around a touch before leaving the stage and later claimed that her doctor suggested that she not sing thanks to complications from acid reflux.

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