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Onco Surgery

onco surgery is a term that describes a special type of cancer surgery that is done on those who are diagnosed with cancer. Oncology is actually the medical branch of medical surgery that deals with cancer; in general, it deals with the medical management of cancers, including the treatment of cancerous tumors.

Cancer is a disease that can affect all ages and sexes, and one of its most common types is lung cancer. The word ‘oncologia’ means ‘cancer’ and onco means ‘cancerous’. This medical branch of medicine has been around for many years now, so it’s not surprising that it still exists today. In fact, there are many oncologists around the country, and they do their jobs with great care.

There are two main categories of one: general onco surgery and breast oncology. General onco surgery deals with cancer in the blood. Breast oncology deals with cancers in the breast. It may also involve surgery on the ovaries or even the pancreas. There are many onco specialists today and many people look up information about them whenever they have questions about their health.

Onco is one of the few areas of medical research that hasn’t found its way onto the television. It is considered an invasive procedure, and the person who is having the procedure must be in good health, so it is usually performed on people who are already suffering from serious diseases. However, some onco specialists do allow anyone to go under the knife, just as long as they meet the pre-requisites for the procedure. This is why it is necessary for the one specialist to find out if the patient is healthy enough before he or she goes under the knife.

Cancer that is associated with one is mostly caused by different types of radiation therapy, such as X-rays, radiation therapy or surgery. This is because these two treatments can kill cancer cells when they come in contact with them. It is very possible for cancerous cells to be killed by radiation therapy, which is why doctors sometimes choose to treat some patients with this kind of therapy in addition to other cancer treatments. Other kinds of cancer that can be treated with onco are breast cancer, bone tumors, pancreatic cancer and liver cancer. Of course, the only two types of cancer that cannot be treated with one are brain cancer and non-cancerous neoplasms. (cancer that is not caused by radiation).

Onco surgery isn’t limited to those who have cancer. Many doctors use this method of cancer treatment, and some oncologists may perform it on people who are simply suffering from some form of arthritis. This kind of treatment works especially well when the treatment is used along with other forms of treatments.

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