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Why don’t you put a YouTube video on Instagram to attract customers? This time, we will explain the apps you need to put YouTube videos on Instagram stories and how to do it easier to get more Buy Instagram followers.

To put a YouTube video on your Instagram story, you first need to download the YouTube video to your smartphone device.

Viewer app for iPhone, iPad, and Android that allows you to save videos and mp3s (music) to your smartphone.

Explain how to download and use it! How to download from YouTube

  • Launch the app and select “Clip”
  • Click “Browser”

When the browser is displayed, search YouTube and display the video playback screen.

You can also enter the URL directly, so if you know the YouTube video you want to download, it’s easy to copy the URL first.

  • On the video viewing page, press “+” from the menu bar below
  • Select “Are you ok?”
  • Select “Really?”
  • Then, the screen for selecting the save destination will appear, so press OK.
  • The download will start.

After being downloaded in the downloading box, open My Collection and click “Actions” in the upper right

Check the video you want to save on your smartphone and click “Camera Roll” in the menu below.

The screen during video saving appears, and when this disappears, saving to the camera roll is complete.

  • Up to Instagram story
  • Once you’ve saved it to your camera, let’s upload it to Instagram Stories!
  • Before that, I would like to briefly introduce the Instagram function.
  • What is Instagram Story?
  • “Stories function” on Instagram.

Unlike posts that are posted on your profile screen and streamed to your feed, videos and photos will be published for a limited time of 24 hours.

With various filters and camera functions, it is easy to insert characters, stamps, and draw!

It is a function that makes you crazy about it, probably because you can easily watch it crisply.

It would be ideal if we could upload a video that takes this feature into consideration.

How to upload an Instagram?

Now let’s explain how to upload to Instagram story.

Open the Instagram app and press the icon on your profile to open the Post to Stories screen

If you leave it as it is, you can take pictures and videos there, but if you swipe up, your camera roll will come out.

So select the YouTube video you downloaded earlier

Since the length of one story is up to 11 seconds, the video will be posted separately.

Benefits of uploading to Instagram

When uploading to Instagram Story, you can put a link to the website by pressing the link button on the upper right.

If you put a link, the viewer can jump to the YouTube video, which will lead to attracting customers to YouTube for Instagram users!

It leads to benefits such as YouTube views and subscriber increase.

Other usable apps

If you created your own YouTube video, you can also drop the original video from your PC to your smartphone.

  • Dropbox
  • Google Docs
  • iTunes

You can save videos posted on YouTube on your smartphone. I’ve shown you how to upload YouTube videos to Instagram Stories. In order to make contact with users, how about connecting Instagram followers to attracting YouTube customers and using it strategically?


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